The Shack Pack

January 2nd, 2011

Let’s meet The Shelter Shack’s bloggers:

Hi, I’m a 9 year old Collie. I’ve been living with my Mom for 7 years. My Mom got me from a Collie rescue group. They weren’t able to tell her much about me other than I was dumped off of a truck along the side of the road. A very nice person saw what happened and picked me up and took me to the rescue group. I was severely matted at the time and the rescue group had to shave me down. I looked a little dorky. It was quite embarrassing! Thankfully, Mom didn’t care that I looked like a dork. I’m thoroughly enjoying my life after the dumper people. I have a sister named Daisy, and a feline sister named Brandy. I get along well with both of them, and I’m looking forward to sharing some stories with you.

Hi, I’m a 7 year old Lhasapoo. I’ve been living with my Mommy for 3 years. She found me at the shelter she volunteers for. I was picked up while roaming the streets, so nobody knows exactly how it is I became deaf. Mommy took me to obedience classes so I could understand hand signals and be able to do the things she wants me to do (like sit, stay and come). Everybody loves me and I love everybody! Well, except for that pesky cat that lives with us. Her name’s Brandy, and I really don’t like her. Thankfully she stays out of my way. Dukie’s awesome! He’s the best bro-bro a girl could have. I let him think he’s the boss, but really I rule the house. Can’t wait to tell you more about me!

Hello, I’m 11 years old, and have lived with Mother since I was 6 months of age. I was living on the streets, and she took me in one very cold day in December. She tried to find my owners, but had no luck. There was one day where I asked to go outside and she let me. I think she thought I was going to go home on my own. I never left her front porch however and within a few minutes I asked to come back in. She let me back in and I’ve never asked to go out again. I had a sister named Sunny back then. She passed away a few years ago. I really miss her. I’m out numbered by the dogs now. Duke is a pretty good dog. We get along well and respect each others personal space. Daisy however, well she’s an obnoxious pain. My kidneys are starting to go down hill. So far I’m in good spirits and still quite active. Mother makes sure I see the doctor regularly. I’m going to take a nap now. When I awake I will share my words of wisdom with you.

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